Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If I could be anyone...even when it's not Penny Warner

The topic this week is “If you could be anyone…”
Sounds like a Halloween Party Theme, which is right up my alley!
So if I could be anyone, for Halloween or otherwise, here are my choices:

Little Lulu, because she had great friends (Tubby, Annie, and Alvin), she had a great imagination (always making up stories about Witch Hazel), and she made a mean snowball.

Nancy Drew, because she drove a cool car (blue roadster), she knew more than any other girl her age (how to break a horse, use Morse Code, send message via carrier pigeon and much more), and she wore awesome retro outfits (especially the Cloche hat.)

Mrs. Sarah Winchester, because she had a lot of money (although I’d spend it on clothes and shoes, not staircases that go nowhere and hallways with no doors.)

Agatha Christie, because she never ran out of plot ideas (and once had all the suspects commit the murder!)

Kate Warne, because she was the first female Pinkerton detective – and how cool would that have been (plus her outfit would make a great Halloween costume!)

I guess I'd better start planning my Halloween party....


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