Monday, June 20, 2011


Being a Brownie and Girl Scout changed my life.

Not only did I learn a number of skills and earn a vestful of colorful badges, I also wrote a play for a Girl Scout production, never knowing it would lead to a career as a writer. I grew up, went to college and studied child development, married my sweetheart and had two kids, and became a Troop Leader for my own children. When the kids went off to school each day, I went to the computer and began to write stories.

Today I’ve had over 50 books published, for children and adults, but I’m most proud of my Troop 13 mysteries. After growing up reading Nancy Drew, I returned to my days as a scout, and created four strong female characters who solve mysteries using their scouting skills.

When my first book, MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED CAVES, won both and Agatha and an Anthony award-winning for Best Juvenile Mystery, it was a dream come true! I recently complete the second book in the series, MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MUSTANGS, and am currently working on MYSTERY OF THE DISAPPEARING DOLPHINS. What fun it’s been to gather with my fictional friends and have adventures while solving mysteries!

I hope you enjoy reading the Troop 13 series as much as I enjoyed writing them. I’ve made them available online (Amazon and Smashwords) at a special discount price so scouts all over the world can enjoy them. I hope you’re visit my website and email me at I’d love to hear about your adventures and mysteries….maybe for my next Troop 13 book!



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