Wednesday, December 22, 2010


‘Twas the day before Christmas
And all through the house,
The children were creeping,
Each one like a mouse.

They peeked in the closet,
And under the bed,
In hopes that a present
They’d find there…Instead,

There was nothing but old stuff,
Like raggedy clothes,
Four hangers, some mothballs.
An old pair of hose.

They check out the attic
And under the sink.
They snooped and they searched
‘Til they just couldn’t think

Where else could they look
For those darned Christmas toys,
Like Barbies and baseballs,
For good girls and boys?

They hunted from sun-up,
Until time for bed,
Then gave up and set out
Some treats for “Big Red.”

They dressed in new jammies
And said double prayers,
Then climbed into bed
Hugging old teddy bears.

They lay in the darkness,
Their eyes all a twinkle,
Listening for hoof beats
Or sleigh bells to tinkle.

When finally at daybreak
Enough light to see,
They dashed from their beds,
And raced straight to the tree.

There, in the glimmer
Of dawn’s Christmas Day,
We’re all of the toys that
We’d hidden away.

New bicycles, skateboards,
And cool scooters too.
Board games and puzzles
And green gobs of Goo.

Tranforming figures
And Leapsters galore.
(But that X-Box 360?
There were none at the store!)

Though the kids were quite happy
Old Dad looked so tired.
When I asked, he just sighed,
“Some assembly required.”

Now the house is a shambles,
Torn boxes and wrap.
With a flurry of ribbons
(And that Styrofoam crap.)

All those stockings still hang,
By the chimney with care,
But the stuffers are gone—
They hold nothing but air.

I’m tripping on spaceships,
And stubbed my big toe,
I chatted with dolls.
‘Til their battery’s low.

I see the new toys
Scattered all through the room.
While the kids are outside
Playing swords with a broom.

As I gather the remnants
Of Christmas now past,
I can’t help but sigh,
It’s all over – at last!

But our favorite gift
Did not come from the mall.
A note signed, St. Nick:
“Merry Christmas to All!”


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