Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How much like your favorite character are you?

    They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. And since I've been working on designing a new cover for my e-version of my Connor Westphal series, this topic has been on my mind. Which brought me to another question: Can you judge a person by the book she reads?

   Presley Parker, the sleuth in my party planner mystery series, can “read” people by looking at their shoes. Her credentials for this skill? She used to work in a shoe store, of course. So when she sees someone wearing Jimmy Choos or Birkenstocks, she can tell whether that person is high maintenance or hippie.

    According to the Huffington post, you can tell a lot about people from the books they read—from Salinger (you’re see things from a darker perspective) to Shakespeare (you have a flair for the dramatic). (

   That got me thinking about what a favorite mystery character says about a person? Here’s my sleuth psychoanalysis:
Janet evanovichIf you like Stephanie Plum – You have spunk, you’re not afraid of anyone, you have a good sense of humor, you love romance—the more men involved, the better—you fell into your career by accident but you’re good at it, you don’t get along well with cars, and you can’t handle more responsibility than a hamster.
Lee childIf you like Jack Reacher – You’re a loner, a drifter, you love traveling the country, you don’t care about what you wear, you prefer part-time jobs to a career, you rarely lose your temper or swear, you can hold your own in a fight even though you don’t exercise, and you like to love ‘em and leave ‘em.
Sue graftonIf you like Kinsey Millhone – You’re also a loner, you like to work for yourself rather than have a boss, you don’t like cops much, you prefer simple outfits like jeans, sweaters, and black dresses, you cut your own hair because it’s more efficient, you’re a physical fitness fanatic who loves jogging, but you also love junk food, and you don’t trust men.
Perry masonIf you like Perry Mason – You’re an over-achiever, you’re confident and in control to the point of being cocky at times, but then you never lose a case, you’re a natty dresser, you live well and love to eat, you believe in the judicial system and prefer challenging cases, you don’t like to share anything about your personal life, and you’re unable to commit to marriage even though you’ve been in a long-term relationship.
Jessica fletcherIf you like Jessica Fletcher – You have a lot of relatives who get into trouble and you like to help them out, you love living in a small but crime-ridden town, you like to travel, you love drama in your life, you believe in the innocence of most people, you like to help the police solve cases, and you’re great at getting people to admit their guilt.
MonkIf you like Monk – You’re brilliant, but a little obsessive-compulsive, have lots of phobias (milk, ladders, ladybugs, glaciers, rodeos, harmonicas, etc.), you have a great memory and a way of paying attention to detail, you’re somewhat reclusive, you like cleanliness, neatness and order, and you have a knack for solving problems that stymie other people, although you can be irritating.

So which sleuth if your favorite--and how much like him/her are you?

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