Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Day AFTER Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas
And all through the home,
Lay the frenzy of gift wrap
That inspired this poem.

Seems I'd just finished searching
The malls for a gift
That would suit my dear husband,
The kids, our cat, Biff.

No, it hadn't been smooth
Finding things that were neat
For those nieces and nephews
And great-uncle Pete.

Oh, so desperate was I
To get just the right gifts,
That I wrote to the Fat Man
Up north, for some tips.

But the letter came back
From the North Pole marked "Who?
"No one here by that name.
"No such zone. Postage due!"

So I "shopped till I dropped"
And the stores closed their doors.
Now those presents are strewn
All over the floors.

The house is a shambles,
Torn boxes and wrap.
Just a flurry of ribbons
(And that Styrofoam crap.)

Although stockings still hang
By the chimney with care,
All the stuffers are gone.
They hold nothing but air.

The old tree stands still,
Needles ready to drop.
Once the ornaments blinked,
Now the twinkling has stopped.

All the cookies are crumbs
And the fudge plate licked clean.
The eggnog is sour,
The turkey, a dream.

I've been tripping on toys
Scattered throughout the room,
Nearly stabbed my right foot
On that new bracelet loom

Those underfoot Minions,
That Zombie High doll,
Those Skylanders? Chimas?
All over the hall.

Nearly broke my big toe
When I stepped on some Bots
Bumped my head on a low-flying
Plane -- seeing spots.

And staring at electronic
Games that sit dark,
Right next to the stuffed dog
That has yet to bark.

The new toys are scattered
Throughout every room,
While the kids romp outside
Playing swords with a broom.

They don't seem to care
About playing X-Box
Or dolls that look dead
Or Legos and blocks.

They've almost forgotten
Those Disneyland toys,
That loud talking Elmo.
(He really annoys!)

Now Dad's catching Zs
On the couch by the fire,
Oblivious to all of
The muck and the mire.

As I gather the remnants
Of this Christmas Past,
I can't help but sigh:
"It's all over, at last!"

Merry Day After Christmas!


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