Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Perfect Place to Write Your Book

    I began my writing career typing on a Commodore 64 in a corner of my bedroom. After my son left for college, I moved into his room (boy was he surprised when he came back for winter break…), and enjoyed the quiet and seclusion there.
Commodore    But a few years ago when I was under deadline—and had already planned a trip to Disneyland with the family—I found myself writing at a café table on Main Street. While my kids headed for their favorite rides, I ignored the crowds, the noise, and the commotion, and amazingly, was able to focus on my story.
Castle    From that I learned this: I can write anywhere. I don’t need a garret or a coffee shop, a quiet bedroom or a table at Disneyland, to write. In fact, no matter where I go, each location offers something no doubt finds its way into my book. Except Hawaii. By the time I’ve had my third pina colada, I can’t even remember the alphabet.
Pina coladaHere are some suggestions for places to write that you may not have thought of:
Hospital1.    Hospital cafeteria. Think about all the drama that’s going on at a hospital and you’re right in the middle of it! And if you need medical advice, just grab a nearby nurse or doctor on lunch break and grill them!
Airport2.    Airport waiting room. Absorb some of that glamorous jet-setting crowd and writer your book as you watch passengers come and go. You may even spot a movie star you can weave into your plot.
Hotel3.    Hotel lobby. Find a comfy chair at a hotel like the Claremont or Mark Hopkins, pull out your laptop, and write your book in the lush surroundings of upscale accommodations. Need a latte while you work? Drop by the hotel coffee shop and pick up a pick-me-up to keep you going.
Library4.    University library. I used to hang out at my university library to meet smart guys, but now it’s the perfect place to pen your novel—and have access to all those resources you might need along the way. Plus, you’re in good company, with the works of your favorite authors.
Secret passage5.    Secret Passageway. Find an old mansion, do a little wall-tapping, and find yourself a secret passageway. Then hide yourself away and don’t come out until that book is done (or the residents come home.) Talk about atmosphere!
Dmv6.    DMV or Post office lines. Instead of wasting your time waiting for the next available clerk, write your next chapter on your portable, lightweight iPad. Tap into that seething emotion from other line-waiters and your story will be filled with passion.
Jail7.    Jail. If you can’t get yourself arrested, you can at least find a spot in the waiting room to write that dramatic action scene. Plus, you’ll find lots of character archetypes and may even overhear some good plot twists.

So what’s your favorite place to write?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Writing at Disneyland!?! Now that takes dedication. Come to think of it, what better place to write a fun chick lit mystery than the happiest place on earth! I'm now inspired to stop making lame excuses about not having the time to write my novel. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

February 6, 2012 at 9:28 AM  
Blogger Penny said...

Wouldn't a mystery at Disneyland be great!
Bring it on!

February 6, 2012 at 5:06 PM  

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